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Summer Fountas & Pinnell Webinar Series

Take the summer to focus on elevating your expertise.  (continue reading)
Thu, Jun 13, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 6/10/19

Observation enables teachers to honor the development and range of strengths in students.  (continue reading)
Mon, Jun 10, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 6/6/19

Without effective assessment, instruction will be mere guesswork.  (continue reading)
Thu, Jun 6, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 6/5/19

Through systematic observations and precise record-keeping, you will have a continuous flow of accurate info on students’ progress.  (continue reading)
Wed, Jun 5, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 6/3/19

With assessment, teachers learn what students know. With The Literacy Continuum, teachers know what students need to know next.  (continue reading)
Mon, Jun 3, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 5/30/19

Assessment is the key factor in reaching the below-level reader in the upper grades. Teachers must be able to discuss effective and ineffective reading behaviors, as well as how text being read by students may or may not be supportive of new learning.  (continue reading)
Thu, May 30, '19

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