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Daily Remote Learning Tip - 3/31/20

Read a book with your child and then encourage them to take on the role of the character through dress up and play. Prompt them to talk or write about the decisions that went into selecting and recreating that character.  (continue reading)
Tue, Mar 31, '20

Daily Remote Learning Tip - 3/30/20

Play your child's favorite song or sing it together. Encourage your child through prompts to talk, draw, or write about how they think and feel about the song.  (continue reading)
Mon, Mar 30, '20

A Remote Learning Link Pack from Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™

A frequently-updated collection of links to remote learning resources for educators and parents to support distance and virtual learning.  (continue reading)
Fri, Mar 27, '20

Daily Remote Learning Tip - 3/27/20

Encourage children to share their thinking about reading in creative ways. Guide them with general prompts in order to have them think about themes, characters, genre, and connections to their own life, the world, and other texts.  (continue reading)
Fri, Mar 27, '20

Daily Remote Learning Tip - 3/26/20

"Shared writing" gives young children the chance to do some writing while you fill in the rest. Here is how you can engage in shared writing with your child at home.  (continue reading)
Thu, Mar 26, '20

Daily Remote Learning Tip - 3/25/20

Here are some topics and conversation starters that you might try with your child as you read and talk about books together.  (continue reading)
Wed, Mar 25, '20

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