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Act Out a Bear Hunt

Teach the child the folk song, "We're Going on a Bear Hunt." After becoming familiar with the repetitive patterns of the lyrics, invite the child to "pantomime" a bear hunt with you!  (continue reading)
Thu, Sep 24, '20

Make a Weather Chart

Together, create a graph of the weather. Every day, have the child mark the weather conditions for that date. After a month, ask the child to look at the data.  (continue reading)
Wed, Sep 23, '20

Make Name Puzzles

Cut out each letter in the child's name. Tell the child that they can use the letters to construct words  (continue reading)
Tue, Sep 22, '20

Make a Caring List

Have the child create a list of ways in which a family member takes care of them or they care of a family member (for example, making meals or reading stories).  (continue reading)
Mon, Sep 21, '20

Sing the "Feelings" Song

Introduce the “Feelings” song, sung to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”: "I have feelings [point to self] / So do you [point to child] / Let’s all sing about a few / I am happy [smile] / I am sad [frown] / I get scared [wrap arms around self and make scared face] / I get mad [make a fist and shake it or stomp feet] / I am proud of being me [hands on hips, shoulders straight, smile] / That’s a feeling, too, you see."  (continue reading)
Fri, Sep 18, '20

Make a Comic

Choose a moment from a beloved fairy tale. Provide art supplies and have the child draw the scene with details of the setting and the characters with speech bubbles.  (continue reading)
Thu, Sep 17, '20

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