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Fountas and Pinnell Team

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Announcing PWS for Prekindergarten: Sounds, Letters, and Words in PreK

Sounds, Letters, and Words in PreK will give prekindergarteners a strong foundation in literacy that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.  (continue reading)
Wed, Apr 28, '21

Explore Challenges

Discuss with the student some of the challenges they have faced, large and small. Have the student organize their thoughts on a chart and talk about what they learned.  (continue reading)
Wed, Apr 28, '21

Write Animal Riddles

Have a brainstorm session with the student about foods that different animals eat, then have them write a riddle with the answer being the type of animal who eats that food.  (continue reading)
Tue, Apr 27, '21

Face Challenges Together

Talk with the student about times when they’ve faced a challenging situation. Then role-play different scenarios, such as helping a friend try out for a sports team or facing a bully together.  (continue reading)
Mon, Apr 26, '21

Observe Plant Samples

Share a variety of fruits and vegetables sliced in halves or quarters so seeds are easily observable. Provide art materials and have the child choose one fruit or vegetable to draw.  (continue reading)
Fri, Apr 23, '21

Observe Animals

Have the child safely observe animals or insects and pay special attention to behavior, eating habits, and physical appearance. Have the student take notes and make sketches of their observations.  (continue reading)
Thu, Apr 22, '21

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