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Fountas and Pinnell Team

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Explore Different Illustration Styles

Pay attention to the different styles and techniques of different illustrators. Invite the student to choose a picture book and do research on the illustrator’s background, style, and technique.  (continue reading)
Wed, Feb 17, '21

See what’s new in FPC!

Fountas & Pinnell Classroom™ reaches new horizons in 2021 with the addition of exceptional new resources to support prekindergarten, foundational literacy skills, writing, shared reading, and Spanish-speaking students.⁠  (continue reading)
Tue, Feb 16, '21

Explore Narrative Nonfiction

Have the student choose a topic related to a past event in their community or school, then gather information on the event and write a brief, factual account of the event, using the elements of narrative nonfiction.  (continue reading)
Tue, Feb 16, '21

Face Challenges Together

Talk with the student about times when they’ve helped others overcome loss or when others have done the same for them. Have them write a list of ways to help someone who is coping with loss.  (continue reading)
Mon, Feb 15, '21

Explore Change in Vanishing Cultures

Do some research on vanishing indigenous cultures to find out more of their history. Let the student select one culture for a deep dive. Encourage the student to present the results of their research.  (continue reading)
Fri, Feb 12, '21

Create an Action Plan for a Goal

Invite the child to discuss their goals. Give the child positive, constructive feedback, and talk about the specific actions they might take to make a goal a reality.  (continue reading)
Thu, Feb 11, '21

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