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Ask Meli! April, 2019

This month, Meli answers questions from students in New York, Virginia, Illinois, and Missouri!  (continue reading)
Thu, Apr 18, '19

Ask Meli! March, 2019

Meli answers questions from students in Texas, Ohio, California, and Vermont!  (continue reading)
Thu, Mar 21, '19

Ask Meli! January, 2019

Happy New Year from Meli! Meli has been reading all of your letters over vacation! She loves to get letters from her fans!  (continue reading)
Fri, Jan 11, '19

Ask Meli! November, 2018

Meli is excited to share some of her letters with you! Here are some from students at St. Anthony School of Milwaukee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  (continue reading)
Wed, Nov 14, '18

Ask Meli! October, 2018

Read Meli's answers to students from Laguna Hills, California!  (continue reading)
Thu, Oct 25, '18

Ask Meli! July, 2018

Ask Meli! July, 2018  (continue reading)
Thu, Jul 26, '18

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