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Daily Lit Bit - 11/8/18

When students encounter responsive teaching in all literacy contexts, they get a powerful message: Reading is thinking.  (continue reading)
Thu, Nov 8, '18

Daily Lit Bit - 11/7/18

Based on your observations in guided reading, select teaching moves that will develop the reader’s problem-solving abilities.  (continue reading)
Wed, Nov 7, '18

Teacher Tip: How to Create Dynamic Guided Reading Groups

Creating guided reading groups is a dynamic process that you must always examine critically. The reading records you keep enable you to make informed decisions about effective grouping. To help you create dynamic groups, consider the following  (continue reading)
Tue, Nov 6, '18

Daily Lit Bit - 11/5/18

The goal of guided reading is to teach students how to engage in strategic actions they can apply again the next day and thereafter.  (continue reading)
Mon, Nov 5, '18

Daily Lit Bit - 11/1/18

Everything you do supports students in expanding strategic actions, which must be constructed by the reader, but not without help.  (continue reading)
Thu, Nov 1, '18

FAQ Friday: How Do I Group Students Who Are at the Same Level but Have Different Needs?

This will inevitably happen because students will have slightly different needs. But you are working to place small groups of students together whom a particular reading level is appropriate.  (continue reading)
Fri, Sep 21, '18

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