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Daily Lit Bit - 1/10/19

Guided reading leads to the independent reading that builds students' effective processing system.  (continue reading)
Thu, Jan 10, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 1/9/19

No matter how well you plan and structure learning tasks, it’s the one-on-one interactions that inform the power and effectiveness in your teaching.  (continue reading)
Wed, Jan 9, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 1/7/19

With guided reading students learn how to engage in every facet of the reading process at their instructional level and take their reading power to all literacy contexts.  (continue reading)
Mon, Jan 7, '19

Engaging Books – The Heart of Fountas & Pinnell Classroom™

It all began with high-quality books. Before a lesson was conceptualized, or one word of instruction written, Fountas & Pinnell Classroom™ (FPC) was already years into development.  (continue reading)
Fri, Nov 30, '18

Daily Lit Bit - 11/8/18

When students encounter responsive teaching in all literacy contexts, they get a powerful message: Reading is thinking.  (continue reading)
Thu, Nov 8, '18

Daily Lit Bit - 11/7/18

Based on your observations in guided reading, select teaching moves that will develop the reader’s problem-solving abilities.  (continue reading)
Wed, Nov 7, '18

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