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Fountas and Pinnell Team

Recent Posts:

Daily Learning Tip 8-11-21

A strong repertoire of teaching actions can enable readers to develop self-initiating, self-regulating reading behaviors.  (continue reading)
Wed, Aug 11, '21

Daily Learning Tip 8-10-21

With your skillful teaching the book in a guided reading lesson is within the student’s ability to read with proficiency.  (continue reading)
Tue, Aug 10, '21

Daily Learning Tip 8-09-21

Every teaching move is directed at helping students become self-initiating, independent readers who are flexible and confident.  (continue reading)
Mon, Aug 9, '21

Daily Learning Tip 8-06-21

When everyone in the school uses the same langauge and literacy tool as they move from observaion to instruction, a common conversation occurs.  (continue reading)
Fri, Aug 6, '21

Daily Learning Tip 8-05-21

Teachers can help to ensure the right of every student to lead a literate life.  (continue reading)
Thu, Aug 5, '21

Daily Learning Tip 8-04-21

Close observation of reading behaviors enables teachers to teach the child, not the book or program.  (continue reading)
Wed, Aug 4, '21

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