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Fountas & Pinnell Professional Books: A Summer Reading List for Teachers


With summer quickly approaching, teachers and educators are beginning to think of ways to prep for the following school year, sometimes this includes focusing on professional development. Summer is a great time to spend reading and learning, even as teachers. Everyone has room to grow, to improve, and in this ever-changing world, there is always more to learn and discover.

As teachers or educators, as you think of next year’s possibilities, your thought process might appear similar to the following:

  • Can I set-up my classroom in a more constructive, efficient manner that produces better learning?
  • Am I always managing my time in the classroom in the most efficient way?
  • Are there literacy practices and research that I don’t know about?
  • Is my classroom library up-to-date and engaging for today’s modern young reader?
  • Am I doing everything I can to guarantee success in my classroom?
  • And—maybe the most vital question—Will there be enough funding for any new teaching resources?

Start Here with Fountas & Pinnell Professional Books—
Fountas & Pinnell Professional Books are designed to strengthen instructional decision making, empower teachers with the latest in literacy thinking, and help build a community of skillful, informed educators. Professional Books are extremely cost-effective, and they provide teachers and educators with information and skills to improve upon their literacy classroom.

Explore Fountas & Pinnell Professional Books below to discover which texts might benefit you, or all of the teachers within your school. Click on the titles for more information.


literacyquickguideThe Literacy Quick Guide
The Literacy Quick Guide provides a concise description of a coherent literacy system in which all instructional contexts are reciprocally connected to improve student outcomes. This information-packed guide provides an important look at reading, writing, talking, and word study, while succinctly describing research-based instructional practices for high-impact literacy teaching. Read more about The Literacy Quick Guide here!

guidedreading-2Guided Reading, Second Edition: Responsive Teaching Across the Grades
Revisit the groundbreaking classic and let Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell remind you of guided reading's critical value within a comprehensive literacy system, and the reflective, responsive teaching required to realize its full potential. Dive into guided reading, assessment, selecting and creating book collections, effective decision making, thinking, talking, and writing in a classroom community, and so much more.

continuumThe Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum
Proficient readers and writers display recognizable behaviors at every phase of literacy learning. This indispensable literacy tool identifies the behaviors that demonstrate thinking and understanding within, beyond, and about a text. The roadmap for literacy acquisition in children overtime, use The Literacy Continuum to teach for those specified reading behaviors in order to achieve continued growth in the classroom. Check out the Continuo de la lectoescritura (PreK-2) for Spanish-speaking readers here! Also available as an eBook!


cpgThe Fountas & Pinnell Comprehensive Phonics, Spelling, and Word Study Guide
The Fountas & Pinnell Comprehensive Phonics, Spelling, and Word Study Guide is a comprehensive map of the knowledge students develop on their journey to becoming expert word solvers and effective readers and writers. A critical companion to The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum, Expanded Edition, this guide expands upon the phonics section, providing teachers with a full word study plan in chart format for grades K–8.

readingminilessonThe Reading Minilessons Book (Grades K-6)
The Reading Minilessons Book offers short, concise, purposeful lessons with a practical application in a specific area of literacy. Each minilesson engages children in inquiry that leads to the discovery and understanding of a general principle. Growing out of the interactive read-aloud experience and linked to independent reading, teachers use many of these texts as examples from which they generalize the understanding. Tailor The Reading Minilessons Book to fit your classroom's needs by teaching lessons that would benefit your students, or choose to follow a suggested sequence of lessons. 

whenreadersstruggleWhen Readers Struggle: Teaching That Works
A comprehensive book filled with specific and effective teaching support for helping students in kindergarten through grade 3 elevate their reading and writing competencies. Learn how to help your students think and behave like proficient readers—readers who not only solve words skillfully but comprehend deeply and read fluently.



Prompting Guide, Part 1 for Oral Reading and Early Writing 

A tool providing language for teaching, prompting, and reinforcing effective reading behaviors during oral reading and in early writing. Check out the Spanish edition here! Also available as an app in the iTunes store!

Prompting Guide, Part 2 for Comprehension: Thinking, Talking, and Writing

A tool providing language for teaching students how to focus and expand their thinking through talk and writing before, during, and after reading. Check out the Spanish edition here! Also available as an app in the iTunes store!

genrestudyquickguideGenre Study: Teaching with Fiction and Nonfiction Books
Gay Su Pinnell and Irene Fountas dive into genre study within the K-8 classroom. Focusing on three instructional contexts for developing students’ genre expertise through authentic reading and writing: interactive read-aloud, readers’ workshop, and writers’ workshop, to facilitate a deeper conversation about the study of genre and its role in high-quality literacy programs across the grades.


Genre Quick Guide: A Companion to Genre Study: Teaching with Fiction and Nonfiction Books
A ready reference tool to support your efficient planning and teaching in relation to genre studies.The Genre Quick Guide includes the definition and key characteristics of each fiction and nonfiction genre, as well as the demands each genre makes on the reader, and a short list of high-quality, age-appropriate mentor texts for each genre.

Genre Prompting Guide for Nonfiction, Poetry, and Test Taking 

With this effective tool, help your students develop language and understandings related to nonfiction genres, poetry, and test taking. Use the language of teaching from this handy flip chart during interactive read-aloud, shared reading, book clubs, literature discussion groups, guided reading lessons, reading conferences, minilessons, group share, or any instructional context that involves your students in thinking, talking, and writing about reading. Also available as an app in the iTunes store!


promptingguidefictionGenre Prompting Guide for Fiction
A teacher's tool for discussion fiction texts, The Genre Prompting Guide for Fiction contains precise language that you can use to help your students develop shared understandings and language related to the variety of fiction genres. Use this handy flip chart to support learning during interactive read-aloud, shared reading, book clubs, literature discussion groups, guided reading lessons, reading conferences, minilessons, group share, or any instructional context that involves your students in thinking, talking, and writing about reading. Also available as an app in the iTunes store!


literacybeginningsLiteracy Beginnings: A Prekindergarten Handbook
Play and language are critical learning tools for the prekindergarten child. Through play and language, they learn about their world and about themselves. These are also the most important tools for early literacy learning. In Literacy Beginnings, Gay Su Pinnell and Irene Fountas bring their characteristically rich, comprehensive, and practical insights to the frontier of early literacy. They show you how to tap into young children’s curiosity to introduce them to the world of literacy in joyful, engaging ways. Now aligned to The Literacy Continuum, Expanded Edition!


interactivewritingInteractive Writing: How Language and Literacy Come Together
Interactive Writing offers powerful first teaching designed to accelerate and support children’s critical understanding of the writing process. In a clear, step-by-step format, Gay Su Pinnell and Irene Fountas show how teachers can use interactive writing to teach a range of foundational literacy skills.



wordmattersWord Matters: Teaching Phonics and Spelling in the Reading/Writing Classroom
Word Matters presents essential information on designing and implementing a high-quality, systematic literacy program to help children learn about letters, sounds, and words. The central goal is to teach children to become "word solvers": readers who can take words apart while reading for meaning, and writers who can construct words while writing to communicate. 



teachingforcompTeaching for Comprehending and Fluency: Thinking, Talking, and Writing About Reading, K–8
A complete picture of how to skillfully teach meaning making and fluency within any instructional context, Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency presents frameworks for high-quality instruction that describe appropriate expectations for comprehending, fluency, and vocabulary development. 


guidingreadersandwritersGuiding Readers and Writers: Teaching Comprehension, Genre, and Content Literacy
Guiding Readers and Writers (Grades 2-8+) is one of the most comprehensive, authoritative guides available. It explores all the essential components of a quality literacy program. Some of the topics include: special help for struggling readers and writers, breakthrough to literacy, independent reading, guided reading, literature study, teaching for comprehension and word analysis, the reading and writing connection, 1,000 leveled books, and so much more!


Dive into even more Fountas and Pinnell Professional Books on the Heinemann website by clicking here! 


 ~The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Team


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