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Teaching Made Easier with New Digital Offerings for Shared Reading

Teach from Anywhere with New Digital Offerings for Shared Reading

More connected than ever before, Shared Reading, Second Edition (K-3) and Colección de Lectura compartida, (K-2) have a newly available digital offering that provides both teachers and students with an abundance of exciting capabilities. With Shared Reading Digital, educators can save time prepping, have access to all resources on their digital devices, and students can read and listen to original, engaging books with the click of a button. Shared Reading Digital takes the most engaging whole-group literacy system and makes it easier and more convenient to teach with and learn from.  

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What is Shared Reading?

During shared reading, teacher and children read aloud a large version of an engaging text that is beyond children’s ability to read independently during whole group instruction. Texts provide early experiences with print and promote the development of reading processes. After the first reading, children take part in multiple, subsequent readings of the text. Children discuss the text and the teacher selects teaching points based on children’s needs. For additional enrichment and learning, children can read and listen to the text online in the classroom or at home with their families.

The Shared Reading Collection, PreK-4 (K-3 in Second Edition and PreK, 4 in First Edition) features an exquisite collection of original texts in a variety of genres that nurture students’ abilities to construct meaning in a supported context so they can enjoy reading and learn critical concepts of how texts work. The Shared Reading Collection has been transadapted into Spanish in Colección de Lectura compartida, PreK-2.

How does Shared Reading Digital (English and Spanish) help teachers?

With Shared Reading Digital (English and Spanish) teachers can:

  • Increase the home-to-school connection.
  • Save time with all resources in one seamless digital location.
  • Access their resources from anywhere digitally.
  • Plan from anywhere with just their digital device(s).
  • Assign books to students that they can read (and listen to) from school or home.
  • Project the book during whole-group reading time for the largest visibility and interactivity.
  • Teach remotely with digital access to all books and resources.
  • Take teaching further with a professional development video library and a live chat box to answer all your questions.

What are the Features of Shared Reading Digital (English and Spanish)?

Shared Reading Digital (English and Spanish) features:

  • An eBook library 
  • An audio book library 
  • The ability to listen to and view the book simultaneously to engage in a digital read-aloud experience
  • Student and teacher-facing platforms 
  • A chat feature to easily contact a Heinemann tech expert 
  • Student rostering capability 
  • Easy password protected sign-in for both student and teacher 
  • The ability to digitally assign books to groups of students
  • A digital resource library with all lesson materials and activities 
  • Printing capability for all lessons and resources 
  • A professional development video library
  • All digital resources in one seamless location with single sign-on
  • Immediate access to all upcoming digital features with software updates

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Fri, Feb 16, '24

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