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Teacher Tip: What Makes a Good Book Talk?

Think of a book talk as a brief commercial for a book. You might prepare for your book talk by jotting a few notes an a sticky note to remind you of the essential points you want to make.  (continue reading)
Tue, Nov 13, '18

Teacher Tip: How to Create Dynamic Guided Reading Groups

Creating guided reading groups is a dynamic process that you must always examine critically. The reading records you keep enable you to make informed decisions about effective grouping. To help you create dynamic groups, consider the following  (continue reading)
Tue, Nov 6, '18

Teacher Tip: Plan Activities that Serve More than One Purpose

Often, it can be difficult to find time for every activity in the classroom. As a remedy, here are some activities that can serve multiple purposes simultaneously.  (continue reading)
Tue, Oct 23, '18

Teacher Tip: Create a List of Classroom Norms

Any time twenty-five or so people work together for hours every day in one room, they need agreements about how members of the group will work together so the time and space works well for everyone  (continue reading)
Tue, Oct 16, '18

Teacher Tip: Using Graphic Organizers

A graphic organizer is a visual diagram that shows the relationships among a number of ideas. Use graphic organizers to help students see the important interrelationships in the information they are reading or to become aware of the way authors have structured a text.  (continue reading)
Tue, Sep 25, '18

Teacher Tip: Consider a Text with Your English Learners in Mind

As you examine a text for instruction, notice text factors that might be difficult for the English learners in your class.  (continue reading)
Tue, Sep 18, '18

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