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Read a Song, Sketch a Song

Play your child's favorite song or sing it together. Encourage your child through prompts to talk, draw, or write about how they think and feel about the song.  (continue reading)
Wed, Jun 23, '21

Respond to Texts to Explore Meaning

Encourage children to share their thinking about reading in creative ways. Guide them with general prompts in order to have them think about themes, characters, genre, and connections to their own life, the world, and other texts.  (continue reading)
Tue, Jun 22, '21

Keep a Reading Journal

Have children use a small notebook (or use their Reader's Notebook) to list all the books they read and that you read together. Encourage them to add a brief statement about each book.  (continue reading)
Mon, Jun 21, '21

Make a Recipe Book

Have the child talk to family members about special recipes. Put the recipes together to make a family recipe book, and invite the child to draw pictures to illustrate the recipes.  (continue reading)
Fri, Jun 18, '21

Take a Research Journey

Using books and magazines, collect information on other places. Explore the materials together. Ask: “How do books help us travel to new places?”  (continue reading)
Thu, Jun 17, '21

Animal Guessing Game

Have the child construct a statement of two facts that describe an animal. For example, “I am orange and black and I have a loud roar. What am I?”  (continue reading)
Wed, Jun 16, '21

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