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Respond to Texts to Explore Meaning

Encourage children to share their thinking about reading in creative ways. Guide them with general prompts in order to have them think about themes, characters, genre, and connections to their own life, the world, and other texts.  (continue reading)
Mon, Oct 25, '21

"Share the Pen" Writing with your Child

"Shared writing" gives young children the chance to do some writing while you fill in the rest. Here is how you can engage in shared writing with your child at home.  (continue reading)
Mon, Oct 18, '21

Making Books

The only joy greater than reading a good book, perhaps, is writing your own. Read this tip of how you can help your child create their own book.  (continue reading)
Mon, Oct 11, '21

Daily Learning Tip 9-07-21

Reading aloud and discussing texts with children helps them become interested in print, notice characteristics of genres, and expand their vocabulary and content knowledge.  (continue reading)
Tue, Sep 7, '21

Daily Learning Tip 8-30-21

Interactive read-aloud is a powerful context for teaching students to use academic language to talk about texts.  (continue reading)
Mon, Aug 30, '21

Daily Learning Tip 8-27-21

When students spend their time thinking, reading, writing, and talking every day, they get a message about what is valued in your classroom and they begin to develop their own values.  (continue reading)
Fri, Aug 27, '21

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