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Create a Job Board and Talk About Chores

Discuss chores with the child: what they are, and why they need to be done. Instruct the child to write a list of chores. Each day, the child can pick one of the chores to complete.  (continue reading)
Wed, Oct 28, '20

Write a Sense Poem

Read a variety of poems aloud that include descriptive words that appeal to the senses. Choose a familiar place for the child to create a poem, completing the following: I see ____ . I hear ____ . I smell ____ . I feel ____ .  (continue reading)
Tue, Oct 27, '20

Play a Guessing Game

Play a guessing game with the child. Take turns picking an object and giving a color hint to guess what the object is (for example, “I’m thinking of something that is blue.”).  (continue reading)
Mon, Oct 26, '20

Sing a New Song

Remind the child of a familiar song that requires an accompanying dance, such as “Wheels on the Bus.” Ask the child to create new lyrics and movements to go with the new words.  (continue reading)
Fri, Oct 23, '20

Learn the Word "Clever"

Tell the child the fable "The Tortoise and the Hare" and the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood." Talk with the child about what the word “clever” means, and what it means to be clever.  (continue reading)
Thu, Oct 22, '20

Explore Different Styles

Talk with the child about the different types of media that artists use when illustrating books. Review some examples. Have the child create artwork in different mediums.  (continue reading)
Wed, Oct 21, '20

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