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Use a Memory Box

Have the student put together a small box filled with five items that relate to special memories in their lives. Invite the student to share their memories.  (continue reading)
Wed, Apr 14, '21

Record Observations

Have the child dampen a paper towel, put it in a plastic bag with a dry lima bean, and tape the bag on a window where it will get sunlight. Have the the child record the changes.  (continue reading)
Tue, Apr 13, '21

Find Similarities and Differences in Animals and People

Have the student discuss ways that animals and people are similar and different when it comes to journeys. Brainstorm a list of reasons why people travel and a list of reasons why animals travel.  (continue reading)
Mon, Apr 12, '21

Gather Evidence of the Passage of Time

Together, view materials that illustrate the passage of time, like aerial photos of the same area at different points in time. Discuss the details that demonstrate the passage of time, and how they make the student feel.  (continue reading)
Fri, Apr 9, '21

Write a Prequel, Sequel, or New Interpretation

Invite the student to pick a book they have read recently and to write an additional story inspired by the book. For example, the story could be about what happened before the book began or after the book ended.  (continue reading)
Thu, Apr 8, '21

Draw Animals

Have the student draw a large illustration of an animal. Have them find interesting facts about the animal and write a short summary to accompany the drawing.  (continue reading)
Wed, Apr 7, '21

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