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Think About Change Over Time

Talk with the student about how they have changed over time. Have the student draw two pictures of themselves: one from the present, and one from a year or more ago.  (continue reading)
Tue, Apr 6, '21

Learn about Different Cultures Through Pourquoi Tales

Have the student read a selection of pourquoi tales, like Why Mosquitos Buzz in People's Ears, Cat and Rat, etc. Talk about the different cultures represented in the books they read.  (continue reading)
Mon, Apr 5, '21

Think More About Big Issues

Share a book that has a strong author point of view on a societal issue. Have the student choose one or more facts or ideas from the book and do further research.  (continue reading)
Fri, Apr 2, '21

Preserve Flowers

Get flowers that are well hydrated and still in bud form or that are freshly bloomed. Demonstrate for the student how to press a flower until it is completely dry.  (continue reading)
Thu, Apr 1, '21

Create a Nonfiction Story with Photos

Invite the student to select photos showing family members or an event from their lives. Have the student write a brief nonfiction text using the photos as illustrations.  (continue reading)
Wed, Mar 31, '21

Develop Talents and Skills

Everyone has something that they are good at. Invite the student to identify and develop a skill or talent they are passionate about. Have the student can keep a journal to track their progress.  (continue reading)
Mon, Mar 29, '21

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