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Describe Your Home

In a notebook or on a fresh piece of paper, have the child finish the stem, “My home is special because _____ .” Have them draw a picture to go with their sentence.  (continue reading)
Fri, Nov 27, '20

Display Nameplates

Have the child write the name of the people and pets who share their home with them on cardstock. Display them on a poster board labeled, "In My Home."  (continue reading)
Thu, Nov 26, '20

Brainstorm Animal Homes

Discuss with children how other living creatures have homes and families, just like they do. Brainstorm and talk about some things that a home provides for an animal.  (continue reading)
Wed, Nov 25, '20

Make Paper Bag Houses

Invite the child to draw the home they live in on a paper bag as a three-dimensional structure, including doors and windows and other features.  (continue reading)
Tue, Nov 24, '20

Homes and Adjectives

Brainstorm with the child as an interactive or shared writing exercise to create a list of vocabulary describing how they feel about their home.  (continue reading)
Mon, Nov 23, '20

Sing a New Song

Remind the child of a familiar song that requires an accompanying dance or movements. Ask the child to create new lyrics and movements to go with the new words or phrases.  (continue reading)
Fri, Nov 20, '20

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