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Daily Lit Bit - 2/27/20

The purpose of guided reading is to support the reader’s building of an effective processing system, enabling them to expand their reading power over time.  (continue reading)
Thu, Feb 27, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 2/26/20

Responsive teaching brings the teaching to the child. It's not about fitting the children into a preconceived slot or sequence, but finding out what that student is interested in, what motivates them, what their hopes and desires are.  (continue reading)
Wed, Feb 26, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 2/24/20

One goal of our teaching is to help children become active examiners and analyzers of print.  (continue reading)
Mon, Feb 24, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 2/20/20

When students encounter responsive teaching in all literacy contexts, they get a powerful message: Reading is thinking.  (continue reading)
Thu, Feb 20, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 2/19/20

Each element in a guided reading lesson is directed at helping students build their independent processing power.  (continue reading)
Wed, Feb 19, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 2/17/20

There is no script for you to follow in guided reading. The lesson is highly structured and organized to support learning; however, your teaching interactions with students depend on their responses and the goals you see as important for them.  (continue reading)
Mon, Feb 17, '20

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