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Problem-Solving With Compassion

Invite the student to create a short theatrical performance about responding to situations, both small and large, with kindness.  (continue reading)
Fri, Feb 26, '21

Write a Biography

Talk briefly about what makes a subject a good choice for a biography as well as the characteristics of biography. Invite the student to choose a person and gather sources for a biography project.  (continue reading)
Thu, Feb 25, '21

Create a Book Cover Illustration

Have the student immerse themselves in a variety of their favorite book covers. Invite the student to pick a favorite and create a new cover for that book.  (continue reading)
Wed, Feb 24, '21

Compare Photographs and Illustrations

Share several nonfiction books illustrated with photographs and illustrations. Talk about the different ways the illustrations and photographs convey information.  (continue reading)
Tue, Feb 23, '21

Write Poems

Choose a favorite animal or living thing, such as a flower or a tree, and have the student find 2-3 facts about the subject they chose. Have them use the facts to write a short lyrical poem.  (continue reading)
Mon, Feb 22, '21

Offer Support to Others

Discuss how important it is to people to feel supported and cared for. Invite the student to come up with a plan for showing their support for an individual, or an organization, in their community.  (continue reading)
Fri, Feb 19, '21

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