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Daily Lit Bit - 1/23/20

Guided reading is a way to help readers work on the “cutting edge” of their learning. You select a text that is just a little harder than students can read independently but that provides enough support so they can process this challenging text successfully with your support.  (continue reading)
Thu, Jan 23, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 1/22/20

Interactive read-aloud provides a rich foundation of texts on which you can build much teaching and learning.  (continue reading)
Wed, Jan 22, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 1/16/20

Choice breeds engagement. As they come to know themselves through the reading material they select, your students will become aware fo their own tastes and preferences and will see themselves as readers.  (continue reading)
Thu, Jan 16, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 1/15/20

The more students read for authentic purposes, the more likely they are to make a place for reading in their lives.  (continue reading)
Wed, Jan 15, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 1/13/20

The act of comprehending a text occurs before, during and after reading.  (continue reading)
Mon, Jan 13, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 1/9/20

Intervention in kindergarten makes it possible for initially low-achieving children to start the next year with a strong foundation for literacy learning.  (continue reading)
Thu, Jan 9, '20

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