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Daily Lit Bit - 5/23/19

The primary purpose of assessment is to gather data to inform teaching. If assessment does not result in improved teaching then its value in school diminishes greatly.  (continue reading)
Thu, May 23, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 5/22/19

Language weaves a community together, and it is developed through communication and problem solving. A common language has two advantages: (1) it enables teachers to talk with each other in a meaningful way; and, (2) it communicates most clearly to students.  (continue reading)
Wed, May 22, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 5/20/19

Guided reading is not the entire literacy program; rather, it is a vital and necessary part of it. We discuss a design for literacy—one that can be built over time.  (continue reading)
Mon, May 20, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 5/16/19

A common curriculum means coherence across the grades and supports a common language for talking about teaching and learning.  (continue reading)
Thu, May 16, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 5/15/19

Responsive teaching means creating in the classroom a microcosm of democracy. Students are responsible, sensitive members of a community; they learn to work together, help each other and solve problems together.  (continue reading)
Wed, May 15, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 5/13/19

We know that teachers are individuals, and of course, you develop your own individual styles. But in pursuit of coherence, hold some things in common across the school for the benefit of student learning.  (continue reading)
Mon, May 13, '19

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