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Create Dot Art

Prep dots cut from construction paper. Instruct the child to arrange the dots as the outline to a shape, then glue the dots down. Ask the child to 'connect the dots' into a drawing.  (continue reading)
Tue, Jul 28, '20

Make an Undersea Mural

Break out the art supplies and a big piece of paper for the child to create an undersea scene with sea creatures. Include details such as undersea plants, shells, and coral.  (continue reading)
Mon, Jul 27, '20

Role Play Friendships

With the child, role play meaningful friendship scenarios. Demonstrate how to be a good friend. Afterwards, talk about the words they used and the things they did, and discuss which work best.  (continue reading)
Fri, Jul 24, '20

Make a Number Line

Provide markers and ten sheets of paper to the child, and write a single number on each sheet from 1 to 10. Tape up the numbers around the room. Have the child arrange items related to the number under the paper.  (continue reading)
Thu, Jul 23, '20

Ask Questions about Non-Fiction Books

Select a few non-fiction books for the child to read. After reading, work with the child to write down facts that they learned and questions they have.  (continue reading)
Wed, Jul 22, '20

Do Kind Things

Discuss how family members show they care in big and small ways. Together write each thing on a slip of paper. Select one slip for an act of kindness to perform every day until all of the slips are gone.  (continue reading)
Tue, Jul 21, '20

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