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Daily Lit Bit - 7/31/19

To be effective, intervention must incorporate everything we know about what students need to learn, especially those who are experiencing difficulty.  (continue reading)
Wed, Jul 31, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 7/29/19

Good readers read regularly, voluntarily, and voraciously. They read a wide variety of material with confidence and enjoyment.  (continue reading)
Mon, Jul 29, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 7/25/19

The challenge of assessment is to put ourselves in a good position to observe and analyze the process and product of reading.  (continue reading)
Thu, Jul 25, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 7/24/19

Teaching is the opportunity to help students expand their processing power in a way that is generative.  (continue reading)
Wed, Jul 24, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 7/22/19

The purpose of assessment is to meet students where they are and bring them forward with intention and precision.  (continue reading)
Mon, Jul 22, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 7/18/19

Our goal is to help teachers use tools to understand more about the reading process.  (continue reading)
Thu, Jul 18, '19

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