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Daily Lit Bit - 12/12/18

During phonics, spelling, and word study lessons, the teacher provides short, explicit instruction to help children learn about and efficiently use sounds, letters, and words.  (continue reading)
Wed, Dec 12, '18

Daily Lit Bit - 12/10/18

Poems provide children with an authentic opportunity to apply their knowledge of letter/sound relationships and word patterns and parts.  (continue reading)
Mon, Dec 10, '18

Daily Lit Bit - 12/6/18

When observing students through phonics and word work, you are noticing what the student knows about the phonetic rules of English and how they work.  (continue reading)
Thu, Dec 6, '18

Daily Lit Bit - 12/5/18

Meeting a word in different contexts strengthens students' understanding of it.  (continue reading)
Wed, Dec 5, '18

Daily Lit Bit - 12/3/18

The more students connect and solve words by looking at the parts, the easier it will be for them to derive meaning.  (continue reading)
Mon, Dec 3, '18

Daily Lit Bit - 11/29/18

We believe that every child deserves to live a literate life every day in the classroom.  (continue reading)
Thu, Nov 29, '18

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