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Announcing an introductory version of FPL Digital: Fountas & Pinnell Classroom™ Guided Reading Grade-Level Subscriptions for purchasers of the print resources

Guided Reading by Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell

Heinemann Publishing, in partnership with Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell, is pleased to announce the release of an introductory version of FPL Digital for customers who have purchased the Fountas & Pinnell Classroom™ Guided Reading Collection.

Contact your local Heinemann Sales Representative

Available starting mid-January 2021, FPL Digital subscriptions offer FPC Guided Reading print customers access to the same components of their beloved Guided Reading Collections in a secure student-facing platform.

Now with FPL Digital, you can:


  1. set up guided reading groups on a digital platform,
  2. streamline your guided reading group set up with an easy-to-navigate teacher dashboard,
  3. manage your guided reading groups with an introductory student rostering feature with account privacy,
  4. captivate students’ interest with digital access to the highest quality, engaging, diverse, leveled books,
  5. distribute the six copies of each title in your collection to your students in digital form for instruction,
  6. engage and extend students’ literacy learning with targeted, cutting-edge, virtual instruction,
  7. support your instruction with access to lesson-specific and general resources in digital form,
  8. meet each student’s reading needs and lead them forward in their ability to process increasingly challenging texts accurately, fluently and with deep comprehension with a digital tool.

Individual teacher subscriptions can be purchased by grade-level through your local Heinemann Sales Representative. We remain committed to you – educators – no matter where you are required to teach.

Contact your local Heinemann Sales Representative to learn about subscription options and pricing. 

Contact your local Heinemann Sales Representative

Visit Fountasandpinnell.com/FPLDigital for more information

Visit the FPL Digital Webpage

This subscription-based resource is the result of extensive market research and thorough beta testing. Look at what teachers who have been using FPL Digital have to say about it.

“These are some of the best guided reading books I've ever used. Fountas and Pinnell are very intentional with the texts they create. The diversity of content is far above the rest in any print or online collection. They are well written, vibrant, and appeal to both the teacher and the student.” – Teacher from Texas

“I love how easy it is to organize my groups! I love how easy it is for students to access the books!” – Teacher from Mississippi

“FPL Digital is user friendly and easy to navigate. It was also easy to create groups and add books to each guided reading group. My students love the books - the books are interesting and many of my students learned a lot of new information. My students didn't have any issues with accessing FPL Digital and found the site easy to use.” – Teacher from Washington

IMPORTANT REMINDER: This product is only available to current users of Fountas & Pinnell ClassroomGuided Reading print products and must be ordered through your local Heinemann Sales Representative. Contact your sales representative to learn about subscription options and pricing.

Contact your local Heinemann Sales Representative


~The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Team"

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Mon, Jan 11, '21

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