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Daily Lit Bit - 2/25/19

As you implement phonics, spelling, and word study lessons, you will not only learn more about children's development of word-solving strategies but you will also gain invaluable insight into our English linguistic system.  (continue reading)
Mon, Feb 25, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 1/31/19

In any coherent system of literacy learning, phonics, spelling, and word study are not the end goal. Instead, these important understandings contribute to children's competence and ease in reading and writing continuous text.  (continue reading)
Thu, Jan 31, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 1/30/19

In Phonics, Spelling, and Word Study, children learn how words work in and out of texts.  (continue reading)
Wed, Jan 30, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 1/28/19

The true purpose and promise of phonics instruction is to expand and refine children's reading and writing power.  (continue reading)
Mon, Jan 28, '19

Daily Lit Bit - 12/13/18

We believe that well-planned and organized explicit teaching of language principles is critical, but that effective lessons must also contain an element of inquiry.  (continue reading)
Thu, Dec 13, '18

Daily Lit Bit - 12/12/18

During phonics, spelling, and word study lessons, the teacher provides short, explicit instruction to help children learn about and efficiently use sounds, letters, and words.  (continue reading)
Wed, Dec 12, '18

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