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Ask Meli!

meli-3Meli has been hard at work answering letters! Read her responses to letters from a group of second graders from Northview Primary School in Findlay, OH.

Q: I am in second grade, my name is Ashlee. I am from Findlay, Ohio. I am wondering how the surgery went. I am hoping you still don't hurt. I am hoping you could be my friend. I read Meli Goes to Surgery Rehab and they were really good. I am hoping for more Meli books. ~Ashlee

A: Hi Ashlee! It was so great to hear from you! My surgery went well I'm all better now! The vet took really good care of me! Swimming helped me get nice and strong, plus it's a lot of fun! Keep reading! Woof! ~Meli

Q: Hi Meli! My name is Emerson. I’m a boy. I'm 8 and we read all your books and some girls cry. Does Meli's foot still hurt? You are so so cute and I hope you make more books! And I hope you have a good year! ~Emerson

A: Hi Emerson! Thank you so much for the letter! I'm so happy to hear you like my books! This year has been great so far, I hope yours is too! My leg is all better now, thanks to the nice people at the pet hospital! Keep reading! Woof! ~Meli

Q: Hi! I read Meli Goes to Surgery, and Meli Goes to the Pool to Rehab. You are sooooooooo cute! I love to run with my brother. His name is Scout. What do you love to do inside? ~Ady

A: It was so nice to get a letter from you! I love to run around too! When I am at the dog park I play with the other dogs! Then when I get home I take a nap in my red dog bed! It’s my favorite way to spend the day! Keep reading! Woof! ~Meli

Q: Hi Meli! I am Riley. Did the surgery go well? Can you run up the stairs? The surgery made me cry. You are so cute it is like omg you are like a sister to me and whenever I think about you I cry. ~Riley

A: Hi Riley! I loved reading your letter! Thank you so much! My surgery went really well! I am able to run and play, just like before I got hurt! Dog rehab was a lot of fun! I learned how to swim! Keep reading! Woof! ~Meli 

Q: Does your leg still hurt from the surgery? It was so sad and me and my friend Riley we starting to cry. Oh I forgot, I am an 8 year old girl named Aryana. Ary for short. You are soooooooo cute, like lol it was so sad when we read Meli Goes to Surgery. ~Ary

A: Hi Aryana! I loved hearing from you! Please don't be sad about the surgery, the vet at the pet hospital took good care of me so I could get better! Now I can go back to playing fetch and going for walks! Keep reading! Woof! ~Meli

Q: Dear Meli. I am a boy. My name is Easton. I hope you liked rehab. Love Easton

A: Hi Easton! Reading your letter made me very happy, thank you so much! Dog rehab was a lot of fun. I learned how to swim! I'm really good at it now! I can swim for more than 20 minutes! Keep reading! Woof! ~Meli

Meli wants to know what books are on your reading list! You can let her know, along with other questions, by sending a letter to Meli c/o The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Team, 361 Hanover St., Portsmouth, NH 03801. And Tweet your questions to @FountasPinnell with #FPAskMeli.

See you soon!

~Meli and The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Team

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Thu, Jun 28, '18

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