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Ask Meli! December, 2017


It's time for school to break for the holidays, so Meli wanted to be sure to wish you all healthy, happy, and FUN days off! She received many letters over the past year, and every single one of them have filled her heart with joy. She's so happy to know that children all over the world are practicing their reading and writing, and enjoying it! Keep it up! 

Here are some questions from her friends at Woodland Elementary East in Gages Lake, Illinois.

Dear Meli,

Q: Hello, my name is Brooklynn. I am a fan. I am 7 years old. I am in 2nd grade. My favorite book is Meli at the Vet! Meli, I like your art a lot. Do you like to chase cats and squirrels? What kind of things do you like? Do you like bacon toothpaste?

A: Thanks for your letter! You drew a super nice picture of me! I still like to bark at squirrels, and go for long walks in my neighborhood or at the park. I also like to swim! I haven't had bacon toothpaste but it sounds delicious! I will have to try it. What's your favorite thing to draw? Woof! ~Meli

Q: My name is Tristan. I like all of your books. When did Ron get you? 

A: I liked getting your letter and picture. I was adopted when I was just a puppy. Do you like getting letters too? Do you have any pets? Thank you for reading my books. Woof! ~Meli

Q: My name is David. Well let's get back to the chit chat. Meli, you to like Karen? I am your biggest fan and I love your books. Meli, today is my birthday. You are cute Meli. Meli, do you like baseball? What things do you like?

A: Wow, it was terrific getting a letter from my biggest fan! I hope you had a happy birthday. To answer your question, I have never played baseball but I love to watch them hit, catch, and throw the ball. I also love to catch my ball! Woof! ~Meli

Q: My name is Mackenzie. My school is Woodland Elementary East. My favorite book is Meli at the Petshop. I am in second grade. Do you still bark at the TV? Do you still exercise every day? How long do you exercise? Do you go outside a lot? I hope you have a good day.

A: Thanks for your letter. I hope you are enjoying 2nd grade. In answer to your questions, I love exercise. I love to take walks, and I go swimming twice a week. Woof! ~Meli

Q: My name is Max. I like reading your books. Meli, do you still bark at the TV? Do you like dog treats? What is your favorite treat?

A: I'm glad that you liked reading my books. Sometimes I do bark at the TV - usually because I'm bored and want to go play outside, or there's a bird or a squirrel on TV! What do you do when you're bored? Woof! ~Meli

Q: I'm Jociel. I'm a big fan of you. I'm a 3rd grader. My school is Woodland Elementary. My favorite book is Meli at School. Where do you live? Are you a good pet? What is your favorite toy? Do you have brothers or sisters?

A: Thank you for writing to me! You asked a lot of good questions. I live is Massachusetts, and my favorite toy is my red ball and my toy chicken. I guess I have two favorite toys! Woof! ~Meli

Q: I'm Ashley and my favorite book is The Problem with Meli. Also the name of my school is Woodland Elementary. But can I ask you some questions? Do you have a favorite toy? I know what's your favorite blanket. It is the red one and it says your name.

A: I liked getting a letter from you. You are right that I love my red blanket. It's so cozy for snuggling up in. Do you have a favorite blanket? Woof! ~Meli

Q: Hi I'm Oscar. My favorite book is Meli at the Vet, and I'm your fan. Do you still go to dog school? Do you still have a lot of toys? Where do you live Meli? What's your favorite color, Meli?

A: I'm glad that you like the book about my visit to the vet. I graduated from dog school, so I do not go anymore. Some day you will graduate from your school too! I have a lot of toys, and I live in Massachusetts. Happy Reading, Woof! ~Meli

Meli would love to hear about what books you're going to read over the holidays! You can let her know in your letters along with anymore questions. And don’t miss the NEW Meli books in the Fountas & Pinnell Classroom™ Guided Reading Collection

Please be sure to send your letters to Meli c/o The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Team, 361 Hanover St., Portsmouth, NH 03801. And don't forget to Tweet your questions to @FountasPinnell with #FPAskMeli.

See you soon!

~Meli and The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Team

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Wed, Dec 20, '17

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