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Status Check

Status Check
This period of remote learning is unusual, to say the least. Take a moment to talk about that with your child. Isn't this situation strange? Ask the child how they think it's going, and what is on their mind. Talk about the parts of remote learning that have been meaningful to you, surprising to you, even challenging to you. Then, make some agreements about feelings, behavior, and expectations going forward to make the experience even better. What will create the best possible circumstances for the next few weeks of remote learning? These agreements could be practical, dealing with logistics like location, timing, breaks, and so on. Or, they could be emotional, accounting for moods, finding ways to deal with anxieties, frustration, and boredom. Write these agreements down, and every couple of days circle back to them, to check in on how you're doing. Creating this open conversation will make you a stronger team.



Topics: Daily Lit Bit, Daily Remote Learning Tip

Fri, May 22, '20

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