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Explore Different Illustration Styles

Explore Different Illustration Styles

As the student reads picture books, have them pay attention to the different styles and techniques of different illustrators, and what those styles and techniques convey. Share some examples of different materials and techniques artists use, such as watercolor paint, torn and cut paper, pencil sketches, and collage. Point out the different color choices that illustrators make, as well as whether or not their illustrations are highly detailed and realistic or more abstract (show several different examples). You might also discuss how the illustrations and the print are related to the genre (for example, a nonfiction, informational text vs. a fantasy text). Invite the student to choose a picture book illustrator of particular interest and do further research on the illustrator’s background, process, style, and technique. Then have them choose a format for presenting their findings. For example, they might do a slide show presentation with images from the artist’s work, or demonstrate the artist’s technique and process using various materials.




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Wed, Feb 17, '21

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