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Twitter Chat: A Conversation on Benchmark Assessment Systems 1 and 2, Third Edition

As the new school year begins, so do the monthly Fountas & Pinnell Twitter Chats. On Thursday night, September 15, 2016, the Fountas & Pinnell learning community joined Gay and Irene for "A Conversation on Benchmark Assessment Systems 1 and 2, Third Edition." Below is the transcript of the conversation. You can follow us on Twitter here: @FountasPinnell and if you’re wondering how to get started on Twitter and how to participate in a chat, check out this free resource from Heinemann on Twitter for Educators. All of our chats follow the hashtag #FPLiteracy.

Before you begin reading about the chat, some thoughts from Gay and Irene about Benchmark Assessment:

  • If assessment does not result in improved teaching then its value in school diminishes greatly.
  • Meet students where they are and bring them forward with intention and precision.
  • Assessment is not teaching; it is gathering information for teaching.
  • The ability to observe, analyze, and interpret reading behavior is foundational to effective teaching.
  • The interpretation and use of benchmark data are more important than the scores themselves.

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Fri, Sep 16, '16

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