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Daily Lit Bit - 2/6/20

All texts demand that the reader put together and hold in memory what has already been read while at the same time continue to process new information.  (continue reading)
Thu, Feb 6, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 2/5/20

“Happy World Read Aloud Day!” Reading aloud and discussing texts with children helps them become interested in print, notice characteristics of genres, and expand their vocabulary and content knowledge; it gives them something of substance to think about and talk about.  (continue reading)
Wed, Feb 5, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 2/3/20

Children are attracted to books that reflect their own lives, but as readers become more advanced, they need to learn about other cultures and see different perspectives  (continue reading)
Mon, Feb 3, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 1/30/20

Comprehension is even more powerful when students have the opportunity to discuss their reading or to use writing or drawing as a tool to reflect on it.  (continue reading)
Thu, Jan 30, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 1/29/20

Our ultimate goal as teachers is to help each student in our schools become a reader who loves books and all they have to offer.  (continue reading)
Wed, Jan 29, '20

Daily Lit Bit - 1/27/20

Reading is more than basic decoding competency. It has the potential to nourish the intellect, the emotions, and the spirit.  (continue reading)
Mon, Jan 27, '20

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