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Information Seeking and Wonder

Information Seeking and Wonder
Fountas and Pinnell say, "With two kinds of inquiry, information-seeking and wondering, children are immersed in constructive learning that results in an exciting, meaningful expansion of knowledge that continues through life." Bring that concept down to earth today with an exercise that uses tangible information-seeking in combination with intangible wonder. Choose a fiction book and look at the total page count, then have the child read the first 1/3 of the book. Pause there and have the child write the answers to these questions: - Who is the book about? - Where does the book take place? - When does the book take place? - What are the characters trying to achieve? - Then, the wonder comes in: How do you think the book will end? Why do you think that? After reading the rest of the book, come back to writing: - How did the book end? - What was the ending different from what you imagined? How was it the same?



Topics: Daily Lit Bit, Daily Remote Learning Tip

Mon, May 25, '20

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